A Darker Shade of Magic: Exclusive Collector's Edition is a special edition of A Darker Shade of Magic.

Bonus ContentEdit

  • Regular edition: This edition includes fanart on the end pages, a glossary of Arnesian and Antari terms, an interview between V.E. Schwab and her editor, and new stories from the Shades of Magic world. The edition also includes a reading ribbon and metallic ink on the cover.[1] Additionally, it is signed.[2]
  • Barnes & Noble edition: This edition features the extras of the regular edition as well as Rhy Maresh's Guide to Red London.[3][4] The B&N website mistakingly states that the exclusive extra is a look at Lila Bard's London. This edition is signed as well.[5]
  • Titan Books (UK): This edition features the extras of the regular edition.[6] Unlike the other editions, this one is only be signed when ordered from Forbidden Planet.[7]

Bonus storiesEdit

A Treatise on the Erasure of English MagicEdit

Ned Tuttle writes a paper about magic.


Tieren Serense tells a story to a young Rhy Maresh.

Winner Takes AllEdit

Astrid and Athos Dane play a game and tell a story.

The Gift of MagicEdit

Maris Patrol, captain of the Ferase Stras, finds a book from Black London.



Featured fanart[8][9]Edit