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"They didn't really want to know. They thought they did, but knowing only made them miserable."
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Shades of Magic series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Alucard Emery is a noble from the House of Emery and the former captain of the Night Spire. He is currently the guard of Rhy Maresh.

Physical description[]

Alucard has sea-tanned skin and rich brown hair which he often pins back in a ponytail. He has storm blue eyes that are nearly black. His face is described as "soft and sharp at the same time" with faint laugh lines at the corners of his eyes.

Alucard usually wears a sapphire piercing in his left eyebrow. In addition, he wears multiple rings, including his House of Emery ring which resembles a silver feather curled into a band. His wrists are scarred with the marks of manacles, silvered on his tan skin, caused by being tortured for the crime of being a pirate.

After surviving Osaron's curse, Alucard's skin is marked by silver lines that trace his veins.

Furthermore, Alucard is said to smell of the sea, honey, silver, and spiced wine.


Alucard has shown himself to be witty, charming and clever, if not on the vain side (possibly due to his power as a magician). He is described by Lila Bard as being intentionally noisy, going about his life with the goal of making a scene of himself and the others around him. Much like Rhy, it is common for him to take temporary sexual partners. He was not afraid of Lila and either feels little fear or hides it extraordinarily well.

Despite his outward flamboyant nature, Alucard is haunted by his past and his family. Strong ties to them drove him back to rescue his younger sister, and he nearly died protecting her. Alucard also showed deep regret for abandoning Rhy and seems to truly love him.


Early life[]

A Gathering of Shadows[]

A Conjuring of Light[]



I'm sorry I left. I'm sorry. But I'm here now, so you can't die. Don't you see how rude that would be, when I've come so far?"

—Alucard, A Conjuring of Light, I: A World in Ruin, V

Alucard and Rhy are romantic partners, and have quite a history together. Rhy fell for him when he was merely seventeen, and they seemed to have a period of courtship before Alucard was forced away from London- and his lover. Rhy was, according to Kell, devastated, and Alucard "broke his heart".

Despite that, Alucard returned to Rhy when he came to London once more, and apparently missed him greatly. He seems to honestly have a great deal of affection and attraction to the prince.


Very little is known about Alucard's relationship with his father, but it was shown to be quite poor, as Reson contributed to Alucard's punishment. Alucard showed no love for him whatsoever.

Alucard hates his brother, a feeling which is mutual for both sides. Berras was disgusted with Alucard for loving the prince, and nearly killed him for it, getting him banished from London and inadvertently breaking Rhy's heart. Later, Berras finally got his comeuppance, and he is now the only remaining Emery after his disownment by Alucard.

Anisa was the only member of his family who Alucard really loved. His cat Esa was apparently a gift from her, and Alucard risked his life to attempt to save her. Although he failed, Anisa and Alucard seemed to share a tight bond to the end.


Lila Bard was picked up by Alucard outside a tavern after she murdered his best thief. Since she was clearly the superior thief, as well as her latent magical abilities and a now-empty spot in his crew, Alucard decided to not only bring her aboard but personally take her under his wing, teaching her the basics of magic. After a period of mistrust, the two eventually formed an odd friendship. Alucard holds her in nothing more than a respected platonic light, although he did once ‘attempt’ to seduce her so he could gain more information on her past.

Kell Maresh and Alucard have a bitter rivalry, and Kell considers him at least non-trustworthy, if not an enemy outright. After Alucard broke Rhy's heart by leaving London, Kell was enraged and banished him from the city, threatening him several times. After his return, Kell threatens him on his brother's behalf once more, although it appears to be mostly fruitless, as he continues his romantic intentions with Rhy.

Skills and abilities[]

  • Magic: Alucard is a powerful magic user. He is a triad, meaning he is able to control three elements: earth, water, and air. In addition, Alucard is able to see magic in the world, including being able to differentiate between Antari magic and normal magic.


  • Esa: Esa is a cat and a gift from his sister, Anisa.




  • Alucard is homosexual.[5]
    • He only kissed Lila to make a point and knock her off guard, not because he is attracted to her.[6]

Out of Universe[]

  • V. E. Schwab's short story—"A Royal Affair"—in the 2021 anthology Fantastic Worlds: Impossible Places tells the story of Alucard's courtship with Rhy and how he became the captain of the Night Spire.[7]
  • Alucard's silver ring is a ring Schwab owns herself.[8][9]
  • Alucard would not order anything from Starbucks himself. Instead, he would "steal sips from Rhy's drink."[10] He would also flirt a lot.[11]
  • If Alucard had to live through lockdown, he would work on a puzzle with Rhy.[12]

  • "Alucard" is "Dracula" spelled backward; thus, the name is often used in vampire-related fiction.[13] However, V. E. Schwab chose the name unintentionally as she did not realize that "Alucard" was "Dracula" backward during the naming process.[14][15][16][17]
    • "Alucard" is pronounced "A-luc-ar."[18]
    • "Emery" is the Norman form of the Germanic medieval name "Emmerich."[19] "Emmerich" was either composed of ermen ("whole, universal"), amal ("work, labour"), or heim ("home") and ric ("power").[20]

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