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Arnesian is a language spoken in Arnes. It is characterized as "sibilant and smooth."[1]



  • 1: on
  • 2: sessa
  • 3: ris
  • 4: tal
  • 5: nissa
  • 6: son
  • 7: vis
  • 8: volo
  • 9: vissa
  • 10: non


  • An — a flexible word; it means either I, a, or no, depending on the context
  • Anos (adj.) — eternal
  • Anoshe (n., excl., ah-NOsh/[3] Ah-noe-sh)[4] — the closest thing to a farewell
  • Arenson (n.) — attendant, assistant
  • Arna (n.) — mistress, madam, term of respect
  • Ast (n.) — sun
  • Astral (v.) — to rise, prepare
  • Av (v) — day(s)
  • Aven (adj.) — lit. blessed; can mean: chosen, favored, cursed, other, apart[5]
  • Ayes (n.) — fields, pasture
  • Cas (adj.) — hot
  • Casero (n.) — captain
  • Cason (n.) — to take
  • Casnor (v.) — setting descending
  • Chas (n.) — faith
  • Choser (n.) — giants
  • Cryssac (n.) — gems, specifically elemental ones
  • Er (pro.) — much like an, a flexible word meaning that, it, or this
  • Era (adj.) — lost
  • Eran (adj.) — best
  • Erase (v.) — to come
  • Es (conj.) — or
  • Essen (n. or adj.) — balance, stability, purity
  • Essen Tasch (n.) — Element Games
  • Essenir (n.) — essential items, primarily in the execution of spells
  • Fera (adj.) — dark
  • Ferase (v.) — to go
  • Gast (n.) — thief
  • Gosar (n.) — banner
  • Hals (n.) — land
  • Hosna (n.) — ghost
  • Ir (prep.) — in
  • Ira (n.) — eye
  • Is (art.) — the
  • Kir (adj.) — a vibrant red
  • Lish (n.) — an order of coinage high than lin (ten lin make one lish)
  • Lin (n.) — a unit of coin, akin to a shilling
  • Marist (n.) — pleasure
  • Mas (pro.) — me or my
  • Merst(n.) — market
  • Nas (adv.) — a formal refusal
  • Nes (pro.) — them
  • Noche (n.) — night
  • Onase (n.) — head, as in head of a house; the highest position in an organisation
  • Ostra (n.) — London's elite
  • Pilse (n.) — a foul epithet
  • Postran (n.) — wardrobe
  • Priste (n.) — power
  • Rachenast (n.) — splendor
  • Ranes (n.) — copper
  • Renar (adj.) — late
  • Rast (n.) — heart
  • Renache (adj.) — away, elsewhere
  • Rosin (v.) — to give
  • Sanct (n. or interj.) — a game of cards; also an exclamation of dismay or anger; lit. saints[6]
  • Sarenach (imp.) — surrender
  • Saren Noche (n.) — Night Spire
  • Sensan (v.) — sinking
  • Sha (n.) — the slums, though the word is also used as a slang akin to cool!
  • Shast (n.) — a road, or a soul
  • Soner (adj.) — beating, steady
  • Stran (n.) — thread
  • Stras (n.) — waters, rivers
  • Strast (n.) — guard
  • Tas (pro.) — you or your
  • Tasura (n.) — party, event, function, gathering[7]
  • Tes (adj.) — a diminutive, little
  • Tessane (n.) — a hot herbal tea favored in the market
  • Tol (n.) — steel, or brother
  • Van (v.) — to tell
  • Vasar (v.) — to kill
  • Vasken (v.) — to pirate
  • Vares (n.) — prince; both a title and a common word, depending on the usage
  • Vesnara (v.) — wandering
  • Vestra (adj.) — belonging to one of the royal families
  • Viris (adj.) — foolish
  • Vitari (n., proper n., v.) — magic, Magic, or the act of creating magic

Phrases and sayings[]

Phrase/saying Meaning
Alos mas en. Let me in.
An. No.
An esto. I'm coming.
Anesh An word of accord, akin to "sure."
Anoshe. Until next time.
As esher tan ves. an idiomatic expression, meaning "I hope you are well."
As esta narash. All things are.
Avan Good evening or Hello.
Fal chas. Good luck.
Ir chas. Literally "in faith," an expression used to seal deals.
Ir chas era. Literally "in faith lost," an idiomatic expression meaning "sore loser."
Ise av eran. An idiomatic expression meaning "to each their secrets."
Kers? What?
Kers la? What's this?
Kes ile? Don't you agree? Akin to the French "N'est-ce pas?"
Mas aven. My goodness.
Mas marist My pleasure.
Priste ir Essen. Essen ir Priste. Power in Balance. Balance in Power.
Ras al! Conventionally "watch out," though literally it means "good see."
Rensa tav. Thank you.
Res naster. Good sir/gentleman.
Ser asina gose. You sound good.
Sha! Cool!
Skan. Nothing.
Solase. Apologies.
Sores nast.[8] Sleep well.
Stas reskon. Chasing danger.
Tac. A sound of scorn.
Tas enol. After you.
Tosa! Help!
Vas ir! "In peace," an idiomatic expression used as a casual good-bye.


  • Arnesian was partly inspired by Turkish.[9]


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