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Because I do not like things that don't belong to me. I do not trust them.

—Astrid, A Darker Shade of Magic, IV: White Throne, IV

Queen Astrid Dane was the ruler of Makt alongside her twin brother, Athos.

Physical description[]

She had blue eyes and long colorless hair with deathly pale skin, of which black veins can be seen through. She wore head-to-toe white.


Like her twin, Astrid was cruel and sadistic. She enjoyed torturing people for her own amusement. She was violent and power-hungry. The only person she wouldn't screw over was her brother Athos.


Early life[]

Astrid and Athos murdered their way to the crown. They poisoned the previous King of White London. The twins ruled White London together as equals.

A Darker Shade of Magic[]


  • Necklace: Astrid's artifact allowed her to possess others. She used it to possess Rhy and make him stab himself.



  1. "[The Dane twins] are roughly the same age as Holland, who is in his mid-30′s."
    (V. E. Schwab on Tumblr)


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