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King Athos Dane was the ruler of White London alongside his twin sister, Astrid.

Physical description[]

Athos had pale blue eyes and short, cropped colorless hair. Furthermore, he had broad shoulders and wiry muscles. He wore head-to-toe white.


Athos could be described as the very embodiment of White London's antics. He was cruel with no clear regard for the well treatment of others. He often preyed on the weak and stripped people of free physical will out of sheer boredom alone. He enjoyed torturing people for his own amusement. Like his sister, Athos was violent and power-hungry. The only person he would not screw over was Astrid.


Early life[]

Athos and Astrid murdered their way to the crown. They poisoned the previous King of White London. The twins ruled White London together as equals.

A Darker Shade of Magic[]

Skills and abilities[]

  • Magic: Athos has a remarkably strong talent for mind control and he has a sadistic love of destroying people with it.



  1. "[The Dane twins] are roughly the same age as Holland, who is in his mid-30′s."
    (V. E. Schwab on Tumblr)


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