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"They didn't really want to know. They thought they did, but knowing only made them miserable."
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Queen Emira Maresh was the Queen of Arnes, wife of Maxim Maresh, and mother of Rhy and Kell.

Physical descriptionEdit

Emira had olive skin and soft black hair, the typical traits of an Arnesian. She was very beautiful; and as the Queen of Arnes, she usually wore royal robes and dresses.


Emira was a very anxious person, who was dictated by her fear of the world around her breaking. Although she loved both of her sons very much, she was constantly terrified of them getting hurt or worse, leading to her making poor decisions, especially regarding Kell.

Despite this, she was known to be a gentle and calming presence, especially to her husband Maxim.


A Darker Shade of MagicEdit

A Gathering of ShadowsEdit

A Conjuring of LightEdit


Maxim MareshEdit

Before Emira was a mother, or even a queen, she was extremely hesitant to start a family, or even lead a country. When she met Maxim, and saw how kind he was, she agreed. She was still hesitant since her anxieties never stopped troubling her, and didn't feel that it would safe for her children, keeping herself limited to having Rhy and Kell, since she couldn’t bring herself to mother more children with Maxim, much to his dismay.

Rhy MareshEdit

Emira loved her son dearly, and she was constantly worrying about him and was always extremely sensitive if he got hurt, since she was always hesitant to start a family with her clumsiness. Maxim reassured her that he would be as strong as forged steel and thick ice, but even then she went on about how steel rusted and a single shatter can break the whole thing.

Kell MareshEdit

Kell and Emira have a somewhat strained relationship, since she always thought about how when they adopted him, she thought he could protect Rhy. He did so, but he always felt that she did not offer him the love he deserved, since they were always on thin ice.



The name "Emira" is the Bosnian form of the Arabic name "Amirah."[1] "Amirah" is the feminine version of "Amir" which means "commander" or "prince."[2][3]


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