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Faro is a country in Red London's world.



To Faro's north lies the Maresh Empire.[1][2]


Unlike the Arnesians and the Veskans, the Faroans do not believe in sources of magic. Instead, they believe that magic is everywhere.[3]

Faroans have ornaments—glass, precious gems, slivers, etc.—set into their skin[4] which fall off upon the wearer's death.[5] The number of ornaments a Faroan wears is a signifier of their status, and a teardrop on someone's forehead and above their eyebrows marks the bearer as royalty. Whether or not the color of the ornaments hold any significance is unknown. Furthermore, ranking Faroans are clean-shaven.[4]


The official language of Faro is Faroan.


  • Namunast — fascinating[4]
  • Sasors — welcome[6]

Phrases and sayings[]

  • Amun Shahar[4]
  • Hasanal rasnavoras ahas. — Your presence honors our kingdom.[4]
  • Sasors noran amurs. — Good morning, to all who have gathered.[7]


Known rulers[]

Faro is ruled by a dynasty whose name is unknown so far. The emblem of this house is a black tree, specifically a Faroan birch which is said to have medicinal and magical properties.[4] Unlike regular monarchies, Faroan priests decide the next sovereign from the eligible royal candidates, choosing them on the basis of their magic level.[8]

  • Unnamed king
    • Lord Sol-in-Ar — regent of the current king and commander of the Faroan fleet

Known inhabitants[]

  • Ol-ran-Es
  • Ost-ra-Gal
  • Tas-on-Mir


  • In the Grey London world, Faro "is the southern half of Europe through Northern Africa."[2]


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