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Time isn't the same for the mad and blind.

—George III, A Darker Shade of Magic, I: The Traveler, I

George III is the King of the United Kingdom since his ascension in 1760. However, in late 1810, George became very ill and unable to reign on his own, causing his eldest son to be instated as his regent.[1]

Physical description[]

George is an old man with gnarled fingers, blind eyes, and fingernails cut very short to prevent him from hurting himself.[2]




When Kell Maresh started his position as ambassador for Red London, George wanted him to prove that he was truly from another London. Kell gave him a lin, and satisfied, George welcomed him inside, beginning their professional relationship.[2]

A Darker Shade of Magic[]

The Traveler[]

On October 15, 1819, Kell pays George his monthly visit at Windsor Castle. George greets him and asks for his letter which Kell reads out to him and, without making George notice, spontaneously expands it.

When Kell is done, George apologizes for not having been able to write a letter himself. Kell politely expresses his understanding and is about to go, but George calls him back, asking him to exchange his old lin with a new one as he cannot feel and smell the old one's magic anymore. Reluctantly, Kell exchanges George's coin and leaves to meet George's son.[2]

A Gathering of Shadows[]


On January 29, 1820, George III dies at Windsor Castle.[1] Two weeks later, on February 15, 1820, George is "visited" by Kell for the last time. Kell pays him his respect and leaves a warm coin on the king's gravestone.[3]


  • Red London coin: Ever since their first meeting, Kell brings George a coin from Red London.[2]


Titles and styles[]

  • June 4, 1738 — March 31, 1751: His Royal Highness Prince George
  • March 31, 1751 — April 20, 1751: His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh
  • April 20, 1751 — October 25, 1760: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
  • October 25, 1760 — January 29, 1820: His Majesty The King[1]


  • George III was once convinced by Kell Maresh that he could fly. To try out his "ability," George almost walked out of a window in the third floor.[4]

Out of Universe[]

  • "George" comes from the Greek Γεωργιος (Georgios) which, in turn, originated from the Greek word γεωργος (georgos) meaning "farmer" or "earthworker."[7]

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