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"They didn't really want to know. They thought they did, but knowing only made them miserable."
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No one suffers as beautifully as you.

Athos Dane to Holland, A Darker Shade of Magic

King Holland Vosijk was an Antari from White London. Prior to Athos Dane's death, he was bound by one of his runes.

Holland was sent to Black London by Kell Maresh, but after making a deal with Osaron, he was able to return to White London and become the new king of Makt.

Physical descriptionEdit

Holland had charcoal black hair and very pale skin. His left eye held the mark of an Antari while his right was a forest green. He had very deep and visible scars along his forearms and wrists, due to the torture that Athos put him through when he was bound to him. After trapping Osaron within the Inheritor and losing his magic, his hair becomes a stark white and his eyes become a normal green.


Holland was normally very calm and collected, revealing very little as to how he feels in certain situations. However, he sometimes broke, and felt very strongly about his London and world.


Holland lived a difficult childhood, growing up in the slums of White London. At a young age, Holland learned to fight and become powerful. His brother Alox attempted to murder him when he was incredibly young. Holland then slaughtered his brother in an act of self-defense.



Talya was Holland's ex-girlfriend. He had been madly in love with her, and they had even attempted to build a life together in the slums of White London. However, their romance ended when Talya was paid to murder Holland, only to be killed by him instead.

Although Vortalis initially attempted to kill Holland due to his magical and fighting prowess, he later asked him for his help to kill the king and take the throne. They both succeeded and Vortalis became the new king and Holland became the new knight of White London.

Ojka was a knight serving under Holland during his rule of White London. Ojka was shown to have great respect for Holland and vice-versa. Ojka had very strong feelings for Holland, although it was difficult to tell whether she respected Holland as a superior or had a romantic attraction to Holland. While Holland cared for Ojka greatly, especially after Osaron possesses her corpse, it is unknown whether he harbored romantic feelings for her.

Lila and Holland's relationships get off to a rocky start after Holland murders Barron, the closest thing Lila had to a family. Lila swears revenge, making numerous attempts on taking Holland's life throughout the series. Later, however, Holland saves Lila's life after she is stabbed in the chest. After this event, Lila begins to slowly trust Holland more and more and he eventually earns her respect.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Fighting: Holland was a highly skilled and calculating fighter who used his magic reflexively and with precision to defeat his enemies.
  • Magic: As an Antari, Holland possessed great magical power. Furthermore, he had a deep knowledge of magic and knew Antari spells unknown to even Kell Maresh who studied under Aven Essen Tieren Serense.



Once you let the magic in, you've already lost.

—Holland to Kell Maresh

All things come at a cost. To restore this world—our world—I had to sacrifice something of myself.

It doesn't matter what someone is. Only what they think they are.



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Out of UniverseEdit

Holland is a region in the Netherlands.[7] The name "Holland" comes from the Old Dutch word holtlant, meaning "wood land."[8][9]


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