Nasi is a resident of White London who works at the Maktahn palace.

Physical descriptionEdit

Nasi is small for her age and has long blonde hair. Her face is scarred due to being attacked in the Kosik, and she uses her hair to hide this until Ojka encourages her not to be ashamed and to wear her scars with pride. After that, Nasi starts braiding her hair.


Nasi puts on a brave face for the world so as not to seem weak, even when she is scared or upset. She can be kind and rather childlike as she puts flowers on Ojka's grave and then wonders if the dead can be lonely, but she is aware of what it takes to survive in White London and seems to know how to look after herself. When she is very frightened, she curls into a ball, closes her eyes, and covers her ears.


Nasi has been working in the palace since the Dane twins' reign as she remembers people being tortured by Athos Dane.

At some unknown point in time, Nasi has been attacked in the Kosik, White London's slums, and the attack left her with a scarred face.




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