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Ned Tuttle is an Enthusiast from Grey London and the current owner of the Five Points.

Physical description[]

Ned is tall and lanky with long limbs. He had a poorly drawn "power rune" tattooed on his wrist and often wears clothes that are slightly too small for him.[1]



A Darker Shade of Magic[]

Meeting Kell[]

In October 1819, Ned spots Kell Maresh in the Stone's Throw and asks if he could sit on the seat next to him. Kell tells him to go away, but Ned still sits down and inquires whether it is true what people say: that Kell brings people objects from other places. Then, Ned introduces himself and says that he is looking for a bit of earth. Kell replies that he will him the earth if he can move one of the elements in the element set.

Ned chooses the drop of water and concentrates on it, trying to get it to move by speaking to it in a made-up language. When he does not manage to move the drop, he says that the game must be rigged. To demonstrate him that it is not, Kell moves all elements in the set and tells Ned that he simply does not possess any magic. Still, Ned asks how much Kell wants for the element set. When Kell informs him that it is not for sale, Ned sets out to go, but Kell stops him and says that he will return within a month and that Ned should find something in exchange for the dirt he wants. Then, Ned leaves the tavern.[1]

A Gathering of Shadows[]

A Conjuring of Light[]




  • Ned's original name was "Zebediah" before V. E. Schwab's editor made her change it.[2]
  • The given name "Edward" means "rich guard." It derives from the Anglo-Saxon name "Éadweard" which is composed of the Old English elements ead ("wealth, fortune") and weard ("guardian, protector").[3][4]
  • "Archibald" is a Scottish-English name which derived from the Germanic elements ercan ("genuine") and bald ("bold").[5]
  • The surname "Tuttle" can either come from the Old English "tot-hyll" which means "dweller by the look-out hill" or from the Old Norse given name "Þorkell" or "Þórkætill," meaning "Thor's cauldron." The latter comprises of the words "Þórr" ("Thor") and "kætill" ("cauldron, helmet").[6][7]


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