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Ojka was the personal knight of Holland Vosijk.

Physical description[]

Ojka had short red hair, flat bangs, and mismatched eyes: her right eye was yellow, while her left one was black, with inky tendrils reaching out over her face. Her mouth was described as being a red slash. She had a thin, bony body, but she was very strong nonetheless. She is covered in scars and is proud of them.


Ojka was very loyal to Holland, even stayed at his side after he tested a torture collar on her that he intended to use later on Kell. She was only in the story for a short while, but she was described as smiling like the cut of a blade, quick and sharp, indicating that she was slightly cocky and dangerous. She prides herself in her ability to fight with two weapons at once. She was also a good actress, as she lied and managed to trick Kell into coming to White London, where he was trapped (and tortured) until Lila came to rescue him.


Early life[]

Ojka was born and raised in the Kosik, a dangerous district of White London. Because of that, she learned how to fight and defend herself early on. Eventually, Ojka was chosen by Holland Vosijk to become his knight, and he imbued her with Osaron's power, turning her into an artificially created Antari.

A Gathering of Shadows[]

A Conjuring of Light[]

Skills and abilities[]

  • Magic: Ojka was a metal worker, and was very good with knives.
  • Dual weaponry: Ojka is talented in fighting with two weapons at the same time. When she fights, she is as elegant as a dancer.




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