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Powell was the owner of the Sea King, a rotting ship in Grey London. He allowed Lila Bard to live on the ship, however, she later kills him after he attempts to harass her.[1]

Physical description[]


She could hear Powell in his quarters, acting out his own nightly routine of drinking and cursing and muttering stories to the bowed walls of the rotting ship. Stories of lands he'd never visited. Maidens he'd never wooded. Treasures he'd never plundered. He was a liar and a drunkard and a fool

A Darker Shade of Magic

The Sea King was Powell's most favored possession of his and he adored to tell stories of his adventures and the many women he had slept with. All of which were lies. Like Lila, Powell dreams of adventures with his mighty ship. Instead of being the mighty pirate he tells about, he has a violent tendency and an alcohol addiction. He gets irritated when he doesn't get what he wants and will forcibly attempt to get what he wants. Although, Powell does display caring emotions towards Lila as he allowed her onto his ship. He also has a desire for women which later led to his death, when he displays these emotions to Lila.


A Darker Shade of Magic[]

A drunk Powell enters Lila Bard's cabin, asking for the rent. As payment, Lila gives his a handful of coins but this displeases Powell as he wants more. Lila replies that she will pay the rest later but this still displeases him so he attempts to harass her while asking her about her body. To this, Lila drove her knee into his stomach. Powell grows increasingly angry and both fight until a knife was jabbed into his body. He dies and Lila burns the remains of the Sea King.


  • Sea King: Powell's filthy ship which was burnt to the ground by Lila.



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