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Vortalis had always wanted to be king—not the someday king, he told Holland, but the now king. He didn't care about the stories. Didn't buy into the legends. But he knew the city needed order. Needed strength. Needed a leader.

A Conjuring of Light

King Ros Vortalis, commonly known as simply Vortalis, was the King of Makt.

Physical description[]

Vortalis had brown hair and amber-flecked brown eyes; he was also half a head shorter than Holland Vosijk. He dressed plainly, in dark colours, even after becoming king.

Furthermore, he had a translation rune on his neck and more runes to bind magic on his hands.


He had a magnetic personality and a skill for public speaking, which he often used to win people over. Vortalis also was not afraid of what strong magic can do and always met people with both eyes when speaking to them.

He also had a strategic mind and enjoyed playing ost, a Maktahn game involving chips, to relax.


Vortalis spent some time abroad and bore a translation rune on his neck because of that.

When Queen Stol executed the last Antari of White London, Vortalis was present.

Becoming King[]

Learning of the Antari Holland Vosijk, Vortalis sent numerous hired men to kill him for years. However, as he kept failing, Vortalis eventually decided to ask for Holland's help instead as he believed that he would be useful in his plan to take the Maktahn throne from Gorst in order to bring order and stability to the city. Holland agreed to help him, and together, they killed Gorst and established themselves as the new King and "Knight" of White London.

On Vortalis' first day as king, a young Kell Maresh visited the fortress and gave Voralis a letter from King Maxim of Arnes, wishing to re-establish contact between their Londons. Vortalis was initially contemptuous of Red London and declined the offer, but when he was unable to help White London as he wanted to do in the course of two years, he started to consider offer and discuss it with Holland. However, before Vortalis could reach out to Red London, he was murdered by Athos and Astrid Dane.


Holland Vosijk[]

Skills and abilities[]

  • Magic: Vortalis was a strong magician and able to produce a small flame with a flick of his fingers. Runes on his hands helped to bind magic to him. However, towards the end of his rule, his magic began to fail.



  • Vortalis is two decades older than Holland, although his exact age is unknown.
  • He is the only known ruler of Makt other than Holland to try and use his position to help the city rather than for his own gain.



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