Powell claimed the Sea King was as sturdy as ever. Still fit for the high seas, he swore. Lila swore it was hardly fit for the swell of the London port's swells.

A Darker Shade of Magic, III: Grey Thief, II

The Sea King was Powell's ship.


The Sea King was a very old and rather filthy ship whose wood showed different degrees of rottenness and whose paint had pelt off over the years. Furthermore, it was barely able to float on the Thames. Nevertheless, Lila Bard had liked the ship.


At some point, Powell and Lila Bard made an arrangement that she could reside in his ship's spare cabin if she gave him some of the money she stole every night.

In October 1819, Lila returned to the Sea King and retreated to her cabin. While she sought some rest, Powell was drinking in his own rooms, and after a few hours, Powell came to Lila's cabin to collect the lease. However, he was unsatisfied with the amount of money he received and tried to violate Lila to make up for it.

However, before Powell could do anything, Lila attacked him. They fought for a while until Lila managed to drive a dagger into Powell's stomach. He died immediately, and Lila collected her possessions before she took the bottle of whiskey Powell had brought to her cabin, poured its content onto him, and set fire to him and his ship.

Lila left the Sea King and watched it burn from afar before she headed to the Stone's Throw.[1]


  • When Lila arrived at Rhy Maresh's birthday party, she let herself be introduced as Captain Bard of the Sea King.[2]


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