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This article is about the first trilogy set in this fictional world. You may be looking for the entire Shades of Magic series.

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Shades of Magic, also known as the Black Magic Arc,[1][2][3] is a trilogy of adult fantasy novels by V. E. Schwab, set in 1819 and 1820.[4][5] It is the first trilogy in the Shades of Magic series and is succeeded by the Threads of Power trilogy.



Audiobook editions[]

  • A Darker Shade of Magic was narrated by Steven Crossley.
  • A Gathering of Shadows was narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading.
  • A Conjuring of Light was narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading.


Main article: A Darker Shade of Magic (movie)

On February 3, 2016, it was announced that Gerard Butler's production company G-BASE have acquired rights to adapt the book as a limited TV series.[6] However, a year later, on February 24, 2017, it was reported that a movie would be produced instead.[7]


  • V. E. Schwab was offered to have four books in the series, but declined as she only had plot for three and a half books and wanted three plot-heavy books instead of four plot-thin ones.[8][9]
  • Schwab chose to set the books in 1819/20 because she wanted a time period during the Industrial Revolution and explore George III and his "madness."[10][11]
  • The original Russian translated version of the novels cut out the trilogy's LGBT plotline.[12][13] Subsequently, the contract with ROSMAN Publishing House was cancelled,[14] and the novels were re-released in their uncut version[15] with AST.[16]

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