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Shades of Magic: The Rebel Army is an adult fantasy comic written by V. E. Schwab and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri and Enrica Eren Angiolini. It is the third installment of the Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince series.

It was released in four issues before being published as a bind-up copy on July 7, 2020.[2] The individual issues came out from November 2019 to March 2020.


Once just a single ship, now the pirate fleet of the Rebel Army numbers in its thousands. Made up of traitors from each of the three empires, the fleet, who once made the open waters of the Blood Coast their home, have set their sights on establishing their own land-based empire with London as their capital.

The Rebel Army is a battalion made up of traitors to each of the three empires, who've claimed the open waters of the Blood Coast as their territory. Led by a Faroan, a Veskan, and an Arnesian (Rowan, the Antari from the Night of Knives), the Rebel Army started as a rag-tag gang, a single ship, but in the last few months, they've gained momentum. Once content to claim the open water as their empire, they've grown in ambition and scope, and now they're claiming ports, creeping toward a full-on land assault. Their goal? London. But first, they'll have to cross Verose, where Maxim, Isra, and the royal guard are waiting.[3]



# Title Release date EAN Pages Price
1 Issue 1 November 6, 2019[1] N/A 30[1] $3.99[1]
Exiled from Red London, the arrogant Prince Maxim Maresh has overcome a pirate queen and the Night of Knives in the smuggler-city of Verose. With war on the horizon, the Steel Prince must earn his name and rip the heart from a rebel army![1]
2 Issue 2 December 18, 2019[4] N/A 28 $3.99
As the invasion of his city begins, Prince Maxim must face foes both within and without...[4]
3 Issue 3 February 5, 2020[5] N/A 28 $3.99
Prince Maxim and his allies are cornered in the city of Verose, under siege with nowhere to run. But does the Steel Prince have a plan of his own?[5]
4 Issue 4 March 11, 2020[6] N/A 31 $3.99
Prince Maxim finally earns his title and vanquishes his enemies – but at what cost?[6]


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V. E. Schwab Shades Of Magic The Steel Prince - The Rebel Army Trailer

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  • The Barnes & Noble exclusive edition includes 16 bonus pages of art design and a variant jacket.[7] The Forbidden Planet edition contains the same bonus pages, has a different variant cover, and comes with a signed bookplate.[8]