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"You mentioned other Londons. How many are there?"
This article is about the book series. You may be looking for the series' first trilogy, Shades of Magic.

The Shades of Magic series is an adult fantasy series written by V. E. Schwab.

Main series[]

Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince[]

Shades of Magic[]

Threads of Power[]

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Future projects[]

Extra content[]

  • "A Royal Affair" — a short story included in the 2021 anthology Fantastic Worlds: Impossible Places about Alucard's courtship with Rhy and how he became the captain of the Night Spire[3]


Around 2012/13, Schwab started working on Shades of Magic[4] when she got the image in her mind of Kell Maresh and Lila Bard's collision in an alley in Grey London.[5][6][7]


  • The majority of people in the Shades of Magic world, a "not binary" world, are attracted to power rather than gender.[8] Furthermore, V. E. Schwab has stated that all characters "should be presumed queer unless stated otherwise"[9] and that, so far, "only" George III and George IV are heterosexual.[10]
  • Schwab decided to set the series in London because her mother is from southern England and when Schwab first went to visit England as a child, she was fascinated by the fact that individual places were older than her homeland the USA and that "history [was] an ever-present thing all around [her]." It was her "first real physical sense of history and antiquity."[11][12]
  • The concept of Vitari was added rather late to the story as the first draft of A Darker Shade of Magic did not feature it.[13]
  • The world and story of Shades of Magic was created by both V. E. Schwab and her editor, Miriam Weinberg.[14]
  • Almost all of Schwab's books have been a "reaction to something [she has] read—or something [she has not] been able to find."[15] Shades of Magic was her reaction to landscape of fantasy,[16] meaning the contents of many fantasy books that are published.[17]
  • She loves to play with the idea of doors, may they be "between life and death, mundane and supernatural, [or] insider and outsider." Shades of Magic is her exploration of doors between worlds.[18][19]
  • Schwab's favorite aspect of worldbuilding was to name the ships.[20]
  • She has expressed interest to write more comics in the Shades of Magic world, though with a "shift [of] focus, either in time, or to another London."[21]
  • Various animes and Avatar: The Last Airbender heavily influenced Shades of Magic.[22]
  • On October 27, 2018, an official clothing line, A Darker Shade of Clothing, based on the Shades of Magic series was launched on Jordandené.[23]


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