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Put the dedication here.


Book title is an adult fantasy science fiction book by V. E. Schwab. It is the first/second/etc. installment of the [insert series name].


Put an official synopsis of the book here.


So far, every installment opened with a quote by Tieren. Please, put it here.

Tieren Serense

Part I: Chapter Name

Part II: Chapter Name

Part III: Etc.


Name of a London

  • Name of an important character to the plot — Introduction (not in sentence form). Very brief description (in sentences). Non-spoilery for the installment the article is about.

Special editions

If a special edition of the book exists, please put information on it here.



BookTitleAcronym US Cover.png|US cover.
BookTitleAcronym US Cover Full.png|Full US cover.
BookTitleAcronym US Audiobook.png|US audiobook cover.
BookTitleAcronym UK Cover.png|UK cover.
BookTitleAcronym UK Cover Full.png|Full UK cover.
BookTitleAcronym Foreign Cover.png|Foreign cover.


If a trailer for the book is available, please, upload it to the wiki and put a link to the file here.


  • A not really well-known fact, something you can easily overlook while casually reading the books.
  • "Bonus facts" provided by the author outside the novels and short stories.


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  • The summary has to be mainly written in present tense.


  • As headings to divide the "Summary" section, the chapter names are to be used.


  • References are not needed in the "Summary" section of the article.
  • References are only needed for the "Synopsis" section if the book is still unreleased.
  • References are needed in the "Trivia" and "Special edition" sections.
    • Always give references to back the information. These references should be given in the following format:
''[[Book title]]'', Chapter number in Latin numbers: Chapter title, Segment number
Example: A Darker Shade of Magic, VI: Thieves Meet, III
  • If the information was retrieved from an official source related to the Shades of Magic series, e.g. V. E. Schwab's social media accounts or online newspapers, just use the link as reference.

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