[They] believed the city burned its power too brightly and with too little care, squandering it. To them, Rhy was not a boy, but a symbol of everything wrong.

Kell Maresh, A Darker Shade of Magic, X: One White Rook, II

The Shadows was a group of people who defied the Arnesian crown.


In 1812, the Shadows kidnapped Rhy Maresh with the purpose to display his corpse publicly and show their unhappiness with Arnes' current state.

King Maxim and Queen Emira sent out royal guards to find the Shadows and rescue their son, but the Shadows had hidden aboard a ship, making it almost impossible to find them. However, after nobody else could find the Shadows and Rhy, Kell Maresh headed out to search for his brother himself. Using his Antari powers, Kell was able to quickly find the Shadows' ship. He saved Rhy, and they escaped.

A while later, every member of the Shadows was found and persecuted, but Rhy pardoned them. Not being able to forgive them like his brother did, Kell eventually hunted down every member of the Shadows and murdered them.