Black London
"They didn't really want to know. They thought they did, but knowing only made them miserable."
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Soner Rast, also known as the "Beating Heart" or the Red Palace, is the residence and administrative headquarter of the reigning monarch of Arnes and their family. It is located in Red London, right above the River Isle.


Soner Rast bridges the River Isle. It is constructed of glass, bronze, and stone, with curved spires that "glitter like beads of light."

The palace is a destination for tourists to Red London, such as scholars and those requesting help from the Royals. It is a common practice to lay flowers by the river or the steps of the palace.

The palace is in close proximity to the Night Market, a fixture of Red London and located along the banks of the Isle.




The palace possesses a total of five halls.

The Grand Hall is an extravagant three-story ballroom made of polished wood and sculpted crystal. The hall is lit by dozens of chandeliers hanging from the vaulted ceiling. Columns rising from the oak floor are wrapped with spiral staircases, attaching to walkways leading to rooms above. In the center of the room stands a raised dais.

During the Essen Tasch of 1820, the tournament ball took place in the Grand Hall.

The Gold Hall is a sprawling reception hall, made of stone and precious metal. Here, Rhy's masquerade ball to his twentieth birthday took place.

The Jewel Hall is located the heart of the palace and made entirely of glass.

The Sky Hall is situated on the roof. The floor of this hall is made of a mosaic.

The Rose Hall is near the front of the palace, and accessed through its own hall and doors. The ceiling of this hall is windows, allowing light in. The walls and floor of the Rose Hall are constructed of royal marble, which is a pale stone threaded by garnet and gold, crafted by mineral mages for the exclusive use of the crown. In lieu of columns, massive urns in parallel lines through the chamber display bouquets of flowers.

Rhy and Kell met for the first time in the Rose Hall,[1] and the Banner Night of the Essen Tasch of 1820 was hosted there.

Kell's chambersEdit

The entrance to Kell's chambers is a set of dark oak doors. Inside, the room is decorated with a cloth which billows from the ceiling in a midnight themed near-black, studded with silver thread. Kell has a luxurious canopied feather bed with silk bedclothes.

A smaller chamber is accessible from the main room. There, Kell keeps as a private library with tomes on magic. He specifically collects what little information he can find on Antari magic. Furthermore, Kell marked the inside of this side room's door with symbols which allow him to travel to various places by using the Antari spell As Tascen.

The marks and their destinations:

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