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"Myths do not happen all at once."
This article is not yet finished because it deals with material that is yet to be released. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate and is likely to change when new information becomes available.
I was about halfway through Conjuring of Light when I realized I wasn't ready to let go. There was so much of the world unexplored, so many stories left to tell, and I knew I hadn't seen the last of this motley crew.

V. E. Schwab on continuing Shades of Magic[1]

Threads of Power, also known as the Red Magic Arc,[2] is the upcoming sequel trilogy to Shades of Magic.[3][4] The trilogy will be set seven years after A Conjuring of Light.[5][6][7]


  • Untitled #1
    • The title will contain the overall series title, Threads of Power[7]
  • Untitled #2
  • Untitled #3


Known information[]

  • All three installments will be interconnected and each will feature a different protagonist:
    • Tessely:[7] "a female[8] tinkerer who can pull the threads of magic"[3][9] and change and manipulate them as she can "reach" into magic; her ability will be the main "ingredient" of the trilogy[7]
    • "a noble who has her birthright stolen"/[3] "fanatic child queen"[9]
    • Nero:[7] "a con artist born with a lucky streak but no power"/[3] "well-meaning rogue with a disastrous power"[9]
      • He is not a good person, but tries to be one. He pretends that he has no magic, but he is, in fact, a rather skilled bone magician. He is also a thief.[7]
  • The novels will seem to be standalones rather than part of a trilogy at first. With each installment, their deep interconnection will become clear. They will be "threaded" books.[7]
  • The series will explore the question "what does the afterlife look like in a society of magic?"[10]
  • There will be a favor and an unkillable king.[8]
    • The favor will be the one Lila owes Maris Patrol.[11] Maris will call it in in the very beginning of Threads of Power.[7]
    • The unkillable king will be very important.[7]
  • Rhy Maresh, Alucard Emery, Kell Maresh, and Lila Bard as well as every other surviving character are set to appear,[3][12][13][14][9] and they will play major, crucial roles.[15][16][17]
    • They also will not (solely) appear in flashbacks, but in the present (too).[18]
    • Especially Kell, Lila, Rhy, and Alucard will be heavily featured and will not just cameo even if they are not the main characters of this trilogy.[7]
  • The five royal houses of ArnesMaresh, Emery, Loreni, Rosec, and Casin—will be featured.[19]
  • More LGBTQ+ characters will be introduced.[21] There will be significantly more queer content compared to Shades of Magic.[7]
  • All three Londons will be featured.[22]


Note: As Schwab is still drafting the first book in the series, all teasers are subjects to change.

Teaser #1[]

Partially shared for the first time here. This is the first sentence of the first book.

Kell's coat lay cast aside, his shirt soaked through with sweat and rain.

Teaser #2[]

Lila didn't so much sit in the chair as sprawl across it.

Teaser #3[]

from the first chapter[23]

Her steel kissed his skin, but didn't draw blood.

"You're lucky," she said, "that I have such a steady hand."

Teaser #4[]

Lila had taken to playing a game. Every time she fought, she gave herself a different challenge. Tonight, she'd think, I will only use fire. Tonight, I will only use ice. Tonight, I will let them strike first. I will only use my knives. I will fight as if I have no magic, as if I am back in London, my London, and I have nothing to lose but my life.

Teaser #5[]

Kell rose on unsteady legs, unsure if it was the ship, or the wine, or the pain that made the cabin tilt beneath his feet. He braced himself against the desk, reached for the empty glass, but instead of taking it up, he swept it from the table. Watched it shatter as it hit the floor.

'Pick it up,' he told himself, wrapping his will around the shards of glass.

The pieces shivered and rose, haltingly, into the air. Kell's chest hitched. His hands trembled.

Put it back together, he thought.

Put yourself back together.

Teaser #6[]

Truth be told, Lila Bard had never spent much time in pleasure gardens.

Not that she scorned pleasure—she enjoyed fine wines, and sharp knives, and the things Kell did with his mouth when he put it to good use—but once a thief, always a thief. Someone placed a glass in her hand, someone grazed their fingers down her sleeve, someone’s body whispered against hers, and every time, her muscles stiffened, and her nerves told her she was being robbed.


  • V. E. Schwab started working on Threads of Power halfway through A Conjuring of Light.[1][3][24]
  • The first shared release dates for the first two installments were Fall 2019 and Fall 2020 respectively. However, the Tweet was later deleted, and Schwab stated that she will not know when the first book will be released until she has finished writing it.[25][26] In October 2019, she stated that the series' first installment was planned to be published in 2021.[27] In May 2021, Schwab stated that, due to other commitments, Threads of Power may start the earliest in late 2022. This is not set in stone though.[7] As of November 2021, the series may start in 2023.[10]
    • In April 2022, they finished the first draft of the first installment. The draft is 170k words long and is, thus, the longest Shades of Magic book so far.[28]
    • The first book will have an epilogue.[29]
  • Schwab has already settled on the titles of all three books.[7]
  • The series was initially said to take place five to ten years after A Conjuring of Light[30] before it was settled on seven years afterward.[5]
  • Schwab promised to reveal secrets regarding Threads of Power when she reached 200,000 followers on Instagram.[31] After she reached this milestone, she fulfilled her promise on May 9, 2021.[7]


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