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Hi. I'm TerriaNight or Momo and I am the bureaucrat and administrator of this Wikia ever since I adopted it on October 28, 2017!

I am quite excited to work with everyone wanting to help to expand this rather small Wikia.^^ If you have any questions, feel free ask me!

To do[]

I decided (or, at least, I want to try it like this) to read one part of a book, add everything, then proceed to the next and so on beside doing my wild, jumpy edits.

A Darker Shade of Magic

  1. The Traveler
  2. Red Royal
  3. Grey Thief
  4. White Throne
  5. Black Stone
  6. Thieves Meet
  7. The Follower
  8. An Arrangement
  9. Festival & Fire
  10. One White Rook
  11. Masquerade
  12. Sanctuary & Sacrifice
  13. The Waiting King
  14. The Final Door

A Gathering of Shadows

  1. Thief at Sea
  2. Prince at Large
  3. Changing Tides
  4. Londons Calling
  5. Royal Welcome
  6. Impostors
  7. Intersections
  8. The Essen Tasch
  9. Collision Course
  10. Catastrophe

A Conjuring of Light

  1. World in Ruin
  2. City in Shadow
  3. Fall or Fight
  4. Weapons at Hand
  5. Ash and Atonement
  6. Execution
  7. Setting Sail
  8. Uncharted Waters
  9. Trouble
  10. Blood and Binding
  11. Death at Sea
  12. Betrayal
  13. A King's Place
  14. Antari
  15. Anoshe

Separate checklist:

  • History of the Four Londons --> finished on Timeline, needed on their respective pages