I grew up wanting the world to be strange, stranger than it was. It's the reason why I'm always drawn to the speculative and supernatural. It gives me a chance to write the world stranger than it is. I like the freedom of it. I treat fantasy as a metaphor; I love to give physical shape and face and concrete form to an idea. [...] It allows me to ask very complicated 'what if' questions in very exciting, plot-active ways. It's like I want to ask the really deep questions but ask them in a way where you don't realize you are being challenged until you are in the book.

—Victoria Schwab[2]

Victoria Elizabeth Schwab is an American author who writes adult novels under V.E. Schwab and young adult and middle-grade novels under Victoria Schwab.

Personal lifeEdit

On May 1, 2018, Schwab held the annual J.R.R. Tolkien Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Pembroke College, Oxford. Her speech was titled "In Search of Doors."[3]


As V.E. SchwabEdit

Villains duologyEdit

Shades of Magic trilogyEdit

Threads of Power trilogyEdit

  • Untitled #1
  • Untitled #2
  • Untitled #3

Shades of Magic: The Steel PrinceEdit

A comic series illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri.

Standalone novelsEdit

  • The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue (2020)[7][5]
  • Black Tabs[8][5][9]
  • "Magical secret" novel[10]

As Victoria SchwabEdit

The Archived trilogyEdit

  • The Archived (2013)
  • The Unbound (2014)
    • Leave the Window Open (2015)
    • The Dark Vault (2018, bind-up)
  • The Returned (publication unknown)

Everyday Angel trilogyEdit

  • New Beginnings (2014)
  • Second Chances (2014)
  • Last Wishes (2014)

Monsters of Verity duologyEdit

City of Ghosts series[11]Edit

Standalone novelsEdit

  • The Near Witch (2011/2019)[13]
    • The Ash-Born Boy (2012/2019)[13]
  • Spirit Animals: Broken Ground (2015)
  • "Fairy tale" novel[14]
  • Unannounced YA novel[15]

Other worksEdit

  • Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy: "Death Knell" (2017)
  • (Don't) Call Me Crazy: "Black Hole" (2018)
  • Vampires Never Get Old: "First Kill" (2020)[16]
  • Fantastic Worlds: Impossible Places [17] (2021)[18]
  • Unannounced comic[15][19]
  • Three secret book projects.[19]


  • Schwab's favorite variety tea is English Breakfast in the morning. While in the evening, her favourite is jasmine or mint green tea. She despises Earl Grey Tea which she calls an "imposter."[20][21]

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